Where to do it: On every single stable railing in Glasgow

How to do it: Before you get up on the railing become calm and turn your mind into focus mode.Then put a hand and a foot on the railing and press up. Now you should be standing balanced, if you don't you already fell off. The goal now is to make one step after the other without falling off. There are many recipes to keep your balance but usually you will find one that suits you, whether the orthodox Railing-Ballet dancer would agree or not.

Some techniques: -Wave with your hands about -Rrrreeeelax into your wobbles -do both -keep looking ahead of you -keep looking onto your feet-deeply breathe in and out -put your feet in slight diagonal to railing -bend your knees slightly when walking -get core stability through tensing Rectus Abdominis and Transverse Abdominis -do yoga for a year before you start this.

There is something inherently graceful about people who try to balance, as it slows them down to focus in rather than out.

Care: Come with patience and determinism, be prepared to fall off, check the area where you are landing for dog pooh and other nasties.

Hazards/risks: Falling off

Equipment: None

Suitability for wet weather: No

Grade of difficulty: 6